Join Staff

Ask yourself the following questions.

- Do I love War of the Immortals?
- Do I enjoy Mystical as a WOI Server?
- Do I spend more than 4 hours online atleast 5 days per week?
- Do I follow rules and regulations well, and do I enjoy upholding them?
- Would I want to be a part of the server staff, guiding and helping players?

If your answer to all of these questions are undoubtful YES - feel free to keep reading.

What does it mean to be a GM?

Your job as a GM is first and foremost to uphold the rules that are written for the server.
You are also required to answer in-game, forum and support system questions that players may have,
find solutions of their issues and suggestions.

I will give you a more detailed description of what your "job" would be, when you talk to me.

Do I get paid or rewarded for being a GM?


How do I apply?

For now, you add me on skype, (westmystical) and I will talk to you and get a feel for who you are as a person,
as well as test you on your knowledge about the game and your ability to do what we require of you.

What happens when I apply?

You'll be talking to me, and if I find you "interesting", I will speak to East. We will discuss you between the two of us, and we will make a decision. I will return to you within 48 hours with our final decision, and if yes - you will be hired as a "GM Intern",
this means that you'll have a 2 week "trial period" where we teach you all about your job, we monitor your work and we get to know you better in doing so.

If you make it through your internship, you will be hired as a GM.

Somewhat important facts when considering applying

- YES, you can still play as a normal character on the server, but your GM and "Player identity" will be completely separate, and your GM status and identity is to be kept secret.

- NO, you will not be able to spawn items.

- YES, there is a GM contract that you will have to sign.

- YES, breaking said contract may result in your "Player character" being banned, depending on the level of contract breach.

- NO, previous GM positions on other servers will not give you a better chance to make it on the team.