General Behavior
  • You may only speak English in the public chats (World chat and Warcry)
  • No excessive swearing, vulgarity, sexual comments, name calling, racism or unnecessary flaming is allowed in ANY chat.
  • Advertisement and links are NOT to be posted (includes but is not limited to pornographic content)
  • Impersonating another player is NOT allowed.
    (for example with the intent to scam or break rules in this persons’ name)

Account creation and multi-clienting
  • You can only create a maximum of 3 accounts
  • If you are playing from an internet café or share a house with another WOI Mystical player, you need to contact staff to become a verified multi-account user.
  • You can only have maximum 2 accounts online at any given time, provided that your alt account is located in atlantis, city hall or foraging grounds.

Alt character restrictions
  • Your alt account is just that, an alt account. We could call it a “stash- or crafting alt”. The reason we allow an alt character is due to the limited bag space War of the Immortals offer. You’re not supposed to play the game fully on both characters.
  • You can’t move your alt character outside Atlantis, City Hall or Foraging Grounds after you’ve leveled it up.
  • If you are using your alt to farm lower level items, such as ether, your main character must be in atlantis at that time.
  • You can HAVE an alt legion, for the simple fact of getting access to Quick Collectors and other legion shop bound items, but you are not to bid for territory wars, enter osiris’ revenge etc.
    Block Bidding from alt legion/alliance to counter other legions bids is HIGHLY forbidden. Doing this will result in your alt legion being disbandoned and your main character temporarily banned for 7 days.

    We also kindly ask that you don't take advantage of the alt allowance when it comes to rewards in events such as wonderland, pyramid of hallucination etc. We'd hate to have to remove the good rewards, because a few of you are letting it benefit you too much to be balanced.

Account privacy and usage
  • Selling accounts is forbidden
  • Sharing accounts is frowned upon (for your own sake, just don’t.)
  • You are not allowed to kill alts to gain PK rankings
  • You are not allowed to block bid using your alts in TW, SoR or BR

Hacking and Glitching
  • Hacking, duping or unauthorized altering of the game is not allowed, regardless of its uses.
  • You can NOT abuse bugs or glitches, regardless of its uses.
  • No scamming, duh.

The server staff respects you, and in return they ask for you to respect them by the following:
  • Impersonating a staff member is NOT allowed.
  • If you are displeased with a staff member, you need to solve this in either private messages or in a support ticket to the administrators.
  • Do not argue with a GM in any public chat.
  • GM Identities are secret. If you for some reason think you know one, keep it to yourself.
  • Sharing or gossiping about GM identities will be dealt with in a harsh way